The Approach:

The responsibility was to create a Brand Identity for a newhockey team called the Las Vegas Enforcers. Constructinga Brand voice, tone, and feel for new and existing hockeyto follow and support. In addition, creating design elementsof uniforms, outdoor advertising, and fan apparel. Finally,choosing a team color pallet and mascot logo, type logo thatbest represents the Las Vegas Enforcers.

Bulldog Dark Blue

CMYK: 84/76/47/45
RGB: 44/49/71

Prince Purple

CMYK: 70/81/16/03
RGB: 105/76/137

Skate Line Gray

CMYK: 71/65/60/58
RGB: 49/50/53

Dull Platinum Gray

CMYK: 24/19/20/0
RGB: 193/193/193

Pearl White

CMYK: 4/2/2/0
RGB: 242/242/242

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